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About PokerStars

Established in 2001, PokerStars is one of the oldest poker rooms on the Internet and just like a fine wine, it only gets better with age. It is currently undisputed as the largest online poker room, completely dwarfing the competition with a daily real money peak player count over 150,000 at average. Unlike the majority of its competitors, PokerStars still accepts players from the USA and this is of course something that contributes to its extensive traffic.

PokerStars has its own client/program and is, as a result, in full and exclusive control over the quality of service. For the player this means reliable support and a top notch full fledged poker software governed by user feedback. The tournament program is the hands down best in the business and the cash games are on full speed all day and night, whether we are talking about minimum or maximum stakes. However, there is no such thing as a perfect poker room. Even though PokerStars VIP program is excellent, the promotions are overall rather colorless with no rakeback at all to be had. Another negative thing about PokerStars is the messy lobby which is so full of games that it becomes cumbersome to find the specific ones you are looking for. If it was not for the navigation in the lobby, the client/program would have been given a maxed out score.

Although the lobby is difficult to nagivate and the promotions are not the most awesome you can find on the web; the player activity, the outstanding tournament program and the abundance of high stakes action more than make up for the short comings. PokerStars is the largest poker room on the Internet because it gives the players what they want: action and performance.


PokerStars LAPT Adds New Stop in Peru

PokerStars recently made an announcement that they are going to be adding a additional stop in Lima, Peru of the Season 3 of the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT). The event is going to be held in the Atlantic City Casino in Miraflores and it will also be televised. The buyin for the LAPT Lima Main Event is going to cost $2,700 dollars and there is also going to be side events at the stop including a $301 dollar rebuy in short handed No Limit Texas Hold’em game that has a limit of six players per table. “We are both pleased and excited to announce Lima, Peru as a new stop on the Latin American Poker Tour," said LAPT President David Carrion “This event is the result of a warm collaboration and partnership between the LAPT, the Atlantic City Casino in Lima, and the broader Municipality of Miraflores. Together we will create an exhilarating event where players from dozens of different countries are going to travel here and find a unique experience in this outstanding setting.” They are also going to have the LAPT Invitational High Stakes Cash Game and if you want to participate you will need to contact the Latin American Poker Tour. If you want to head to Lima, Peru to participate in the event then play at PokerStars for your chance at a prize package. Each prize package will include your $2,700 dollar buyin plus accommodations and a little extra for travel expenses. If you're thinking about becoming a new member of PokerStars don't forget to put in your bonus code when making that first deposit.